Free Diabetes and Hypertension Screening

    Diabetes is the most devastating – slowly killing – lifestyle based Disorder. India has a minimum of 15 crore diabetic patients and half of them do not know that they are diabetic. So is Hypertension. Both are easy to detect. Both can be diagnosed at a cost of Rs.25 in every nooks and corner of India. We have 10 crores of unemployed youth. We have 10 crores undiagnosed still for Diabetes and Hypertension. Since 70% of hospital revenues – are only due to – uncontrolled diabetes, diagnosing it early reduced the burden on Society and Government.

    We intend to conduct camps – wherever 20 can assemble together – anywhere in India. Thus even for small villages, it can reach. Our goal is to diagnose those 10 crores of undiagnosed for Diabetes and Hypertension

    Register for a free camp in your office or factory or society or village or old age home.